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"Can I give them 10 stars?!?! ! It's the day before Thanksgiving, I have 25 people coming for dinner the next day and my garbage disposal starts leaking ! Mac's to the rescue , they came to my house immediately , fixed the disposal, and the leak. I was back to baking pie in no time at all . They even gave me a lesson in using my disposal properly . Friendly , courteous, knowledgeable. Mahalo Mac's!"
— Kelly A. (Kailua, HI) Nov 22, 2023
"This company is really amazing!!my husband and I had a major flood that involved almost a complete demolition of our home. Dave (the owner) has reroute our plumbing that was in"
— Gina G. (Kailua, HI) Oct 24, 2021
"David came over to survey the place and he gave a thoughtful, accurate assessment of old and worn valves and pipes, and he recommended efficient ways to solve them. Mike came over to do the service and he was knowledgeable, professional and efficient. The home is in better shape and I will call them back again."
— Alan S. (Honolulu, HI) May 18, 2021
"I have used Mac's Plumbing twice in the past 3 months, and both times I received excellent, professional service at a reasonable price. Mike was our plumber both times, and was very knowledgeable and fixed our problems quickly and thoroughly. Today I had a time-sensitive problem and he showed up within 20-30 minutes of my call for help. With this level of service and professionalism I will use Mac's for all of my plumbing needs."
— D G. (Kailua, HI) Mar 27, 2020
"David and his team were excellent! The team is professional and through. It is obvious that quality work and customer satisfaction very important to the company. Strongly recommended! Glad I called Mac's Plumbing."
— Leilani P. (Honolulu, HI) Dec 9, 2019
"I highly recommend Mac's Plumbing T.I. family and friends - prompt, fast at a very reasonable cost"
— T. Y. (Kailua, HI) Nov 11, 2019
"Phenomenal company with great service. Very reasonably priced and great at what they do! I highly recommend!"
— Jared B. (Nashville, TN) Apr 3, 2019
"Waited a week for a bid and when I received it, it avoided any liability for the roof penetration. When I emailed back to have that corrected, I was informed that they got another job last night and no longer could fit me in the schedule... This was a $3,500 job, not a drain clear. Very unprofessional, I would not recommend."
— Mark B. (Kailua, HI) Feb 14, 2017
"The best plumber for all you plumbing needs. Solar water heaters and plumbing work the best!! Quick service and dependable and reasonable!! Dont get burn just call Big Mac!"
— Alison K. (Honolulu, HI) Feb 28, 2019
"So thoroughly impressed with Mac's Plumbing. I waited until just about every plumbing fixture in my house needed repair before finally calling Mac's. Dave took a look at all my fixtures and suggested I call Delta for parts replacements because of Delta's life-time warranty (I had no idea such a thing existed and was prepared to buy new parts!). Sharing this piece of info with me saved me a $hit-ton of money as I was able to get a bunch of replacement parts and fixtures for free. And this first visit by Mac's was free! Once all the parts were delivered (took about 1 week), I called Mac's again and this time Mike came out to do the work. He did a great job. Replaced my sink faucet, replaced the shower head and cartridge, replaced my other shower cartridge, fixed the running toilet, replaced my kitchen sink review AND ran to the store for add'l parts all within 3.5 hours. So impressed with the amazing service, professionalism, and fair hourly rates. Mac's Plumbing will be my go-to plumber from now on."
— Tofutti T. (Kaneohe, HI) Feb 22, 2019
"This is the second major job Mac has completed at my house.
He and Mike are great the work with.
Mac is completely trustworthy 100%.
Outstanding work, my Father was a state building inspector and he states the work completed is excellent.
I had to go to the mainland during this 3 day job and it was easy to trust Mac with completing the job successfully."
— Michael H. (Kailua, HI) Feb 26, 2018
"Don't use him for installing a water sub meter. He might be a great plumber, but wants to price gouge you for install. For a $150 water meter and a $50 backflow preventer the bill on phone was $5000 then lowered to $1500-2000 not including all parts when I told him I was an engineer.

Then he said I would have to run and draw up the permits he would sign and the city would inspect to elude that a couple visits added cost ( sounds fair: pay for extra time, but not 2k-5k) for yes a simple install of a meter and back flow preventer

He stated Hawai'i wants to make it difficult to save money for Submeter charge, but that does not mean he has to price gouge (even thou if there is some of that going on)

How about just charging me time, labor, and parts. Honest days work for honest day pay."
— John D. (San Diego, CA) Oct 25, 2017
"Responsive, very attuned to listening to the problem, did a professional job, and was reasonably priced! I called Dave at about 9AM and left a message, he called me back in 30 mins, we set a time for 1230, and Mike, his employee, showed up at 1230. The job was small (a leaking refrigerator line for ice). Mike surveyed the problem, fixed it in about a 1.5 hours (had to go get the right size copper tubing at the hardware store), and upon leaving, guaranteed the work and to call if there were any issues. That job would have taken me the entire weekend to do , and it would probably still be leaking.

This is a great company, run by a professional with employees that are care. I'm proud they are doing business in my town....a great asset to customers and the community."
— H T (Kailua,HI) Jun 23, 2016
"These guys had a fair estimate, communicated well, worked very hard, and showed up when they were supposed to. What more could you ask for?

Yes, I would call them again, and recommend them to Mom, a close friend, etc."
— Jason S. (Kaneohe, HI) Jul 29, 2017
"I never got to meet Mac but want to thank him for seeing us in less than 48 hours from our call. Very professional service, our specialist who arrived made the point to show exactly what was wrong, and how he was going to fix it. Very affordable, quick and knowledgeable! Thanks Mac and Yelp for a quick fix for our leak!"
— Rob B. (Kaneohe, HI) Jun 10, 2017
"I recommend Mac's Plumbing to anyone who is looking for a good plumber on Oahu.
Mac's Plumbing installed a sub-meter for us so that we could save money on our water bill. This way we don't have to pay Hawaii sewer fees on our irrigation water. Mac's Plumbing went out of their way to get all the paper work signed for us (several permit versions required by the City). Mac showed up on schedule, did a great job with the installation and was really nice!
I've tried several other local plumbing companies and I have to say, Mac's is by far the best!"
— Cindy T. (Kailua, HI) May 17, 2013
"I've had Mike and Dave help us with a few different plumbing issues and recently had them setup a new dishwasher setup for us. Working with contractors and people in construction in general can be frustrating, but these guys are wonderful. They show up on time, do a good job, and they maintain a clean work environment. I've been happy every time we've hired them. And they honor the prices they quote you."
— Jennie S. (Honolulu, HI) Dec 19, 2017
"Earlier this year I called because one of our toilets was running (we have 3) and I thought that I remembered that one having been repaired by this company earlier. When the technician assessed the toilet he told me that they had not repaired our toilet before. I told him to go ahead and fix it. I had used there services before and was happy. I thought they were very reasonable. Toilet got fixed quickly and I was billed. The bill was HUGE. i couldn't believe that I had given the go ahead without getting an estimate. I assumed (never do that again) that it would be a quick and easy fix (compared to other work that was done) at a reasonable price. I am not a plumber, but I would have/could have done this myself. I send the payment in full with a note stating that I did not feel the price was fair. A few days later I got my check back with a note stating that I should decide what I thought the job was worth. I subtracted a 1/2 hour from the 90 minute charge (he was only there for about 30 minutes) and send the new check with my idea of what was "fair." It was still more than I expected to pay, but they have to make a living too. Then a few months later the toilet started leaking again. The contraption they put in was unlike anything I understood or my son understood and I couldn't find any information on YouTube to follow and fix. I emailed Max Plumbing on the website stating that there was a problem and I identified myself as the one who adjusted my payment a few months ago and that I didn't know if they wanted to do business with me... Well, I never heard anything from them and the toilet leaked and got worse as time passed. Finally yesterday I bought a complete set up to replace the set up that was in there. It took me 3 hours to removed and replace the set up they had put in. Now I can see the flapper and replace as/if needed. Soooo the leak is fixed and I am now a certified plumber (in my families eyes). I will not be using this company and wish those who do the very best. Thank you for listening to my story."
— Judy F. (Kailua, HI) Nov 11, 2017
"David and his professional crew, Mike, are knowledgeable and efficient plumbers.
They were able to come the same morning after we had an emergency water heater leak.
Mahalo Nui Loa for replacing our water heater. We will certainly recommend Mac's plumbing
to our friends and neighbors."
— C B (Kailua, HI) Jun 14, 2017

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